There is an increasing concern among parents, teachers and health officials in the UK regarding the increasing obesity rate in young people in the country.  In an attempt to resolve this growing issue it is  believed that the introduction of good early years habits to physical activity and sport is vital for long term sustained activity levels in adult life.

From as young as 18 months old, the introduction of healthy lifestyle habits to your child are important for future health and will remain with them for life. By primary school age if they haven’t already started their introduction to a healthy way of life their thoughts and attitudes will already be affected by other peoples attitudes and lack of action,  this will inevitably result in difficulties in early school life.

Our pre-school programmes are designed to aid the development of fine motor skills and also social skill building, while encouraging the development of a healthy lifestyle.


What are the ABC’s?

• Agility
• Balance
• Coordination
• Speed

Current concerns over an increase in obesity, combined with a reduction in physical activity for children make the delivery of Physical Education in schools critical. It has been suggested that the most crucial time to encourage and enable lifelong participation in physical activity is during early childhood. Our programmes provide a different, fun, appropriate and adaptable way to inspire and motivate young children to develop their physical literacy.

Our Pre-school programme is dedicated to improving children’s self esteem and confidence by ensuring the sessions are always stimulating and challenging to the children and that they are constantly encouraged throughout the lesson. The children also achieve a great sense of worth by completing their set goals and all while learning to work and communicate with their peers.

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