ProInfinity delivers an exciting range of holiday courses to cater for all ages and abilites in a variety of sports, with the sole aim of enabling children to enjoy new skills and sports in a safe environment.

Finding an activity during the school holidays to keep your children occupied can be difficult, with a number of companies offering ‘high quality’ coaching at top level prices. Many children attend these courses expecting a fun, entertaining day only to find the ‘elite’ approach stifling and unenjoyable. At ProInfinity all holiday courses are designed with the children in mind – each coach is tasked with ensuring that enjoyment and fun is paramount in their course, and that when your children come home they will have thoroughly enjoyed their day’s activities. Our aim is that you can arrange for us to support your childcare arrangements at a reasonable price, while giving your child the opportunity to enjoy an activity which they love, or to try something new. The measure of our success is the feedback our coaches get at the end of the day, where children will always tell us how much they have enjoyed themselves. With personal budget constraints and¬†spiralling childcare costs we feel that our competitively priced courses provide you with a viable and vital option for your child’s school holiday arrangements.


All ProInfinity courses are designed with the emphasis on fun, along with the opportunity to practice and develop a variety of sports techniques through practical sessions and games. We feature sport-related competitions and energetic games throughout each course, providing opportunities for participants to win awards and prizes. With our coaches fully engaged with each child, nobody misses out on the fun!

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